Diet Plan

A good diet is important for our health and can help us to look good and feel good.A well balanced diet is very important to have healthy body and mind.Today i’ll share a diet plan,which i used to follow.Simple and easy to follow.



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Ideal time to have breakfast is 7am-8am Do not delay your breakfast later than 10am.                                                           2Boiled eggs with 1 cup of tea(without sugar)      OR                                                  2 Boiled eggs and 1 fruit of your choice.(apple,orange)                                          Eggs are high in protein and less in large egg contains only 78 calories,but high in nutrients. 



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 Nuts are an ideal nutrients snack,or you can just have a piece of fruit.



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 Keep a gap of 4 hours between   breakfast and lunch.                                Have grilled or baked chicken with salad in your lunch.or you can have streamed vegetables with salad.OR you can eat low fat yogurt.



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 Do not delay your dinner later than 9pm.have your dinner atlaest 2 hours before bed.

You can have grilled chicken with green salad again in dinner.or have grilled small plate of chickpeas is also a good option.

Points to be noted.                                  

Drinking water is important during weight loss.because water is very beneficial for weight drink plenty of water,atleast 3 litres of water a day.    Eat a high protein breakfast,no sugary drinks,no junk regular meals,never skip your breakfast.