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Photo by Alexander Dummer on Pexels.com

A Headache is a very common condition that causes pain in the head.A headace can be a sign of blood pressure,stress,depression or anxiety.A headache can occur on the both sides of the head or in just one side.                There are several different types of headache that exists.

Tension Headache                                     This type of headaches occur due to stress,such as tough routine,screaming children,noise,tiredness,missing meals,relationship and financial problems.it may feel like a constant pain that affects both sides of the head.Tension type headache are usually relieved by painkillers.Paracetamol,Aspirin or ibuprofen can be used to help relieve pain.

Migraine                                                      Migraine are usually worse than tension headache.it can cause severe pain,usually on one side of the head.      Symptoms of migraine are eye pain,vomiting,stress and sensitivity to light and sound.A migraine headache lasts for several hours.Change of  lifestyle that might help in reducing migraines are:                                             Reducing stress                                         Regular exercise                               Getting enough sleep                                   Drinking plenty of water                         Avoiding certain foods            

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