Diet Plan

Before starting anything,its really important that you understand it first.All you need to do is to choose a healthy diet plan.                                     So the plan is divided into 6 meals of the day.

1:Start of the day                                    2:Breakfast                                              3:Post workout                                        4:Lunch                                                      5:Snack                                                      6:Dinner

Start of the day                                    Start your day with any type of detox water.It could be lukewarm water,simple water or honey and lemon water.

photo of lemon juice in glass bottle
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Breakfast                                                    In breakfast you can have boiled eggs or sometimes smoothies or omelettes.

Post workout                                            The snack that you take after doing the exercise.You can go for 30-45 minutes brisk walk.Atleast you need to do 20 minutes can choose crunches,jumping jacks,lungs and squats.Aftet your workout you can have your post workout could be one apple etc.

apple fruit healthy food
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Lunch                                                           In lunch you can have grilled chicken with salad or you can have boiled rice.

plate chicken food salad
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Snack                                                        You can take almonds (handful),or 1 fruit or popcorn.

Dinner                                                         In dinner you can have same grilled chicken or grilled fish,with green salad.

grilled meat with green ladies finger vegetable on white ceramic plate
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