Skin Care Routine

There are different types of skin.Dry skin,Normal skin,Sensitive skin,Oily skin and Combination skin.The right skin routine starts with knowing what kind of skin you have.

Wash Your Face


When you wake up and before you go to sleep,use a facial cleanser.It will wash away any excess dirt and oil on your face.So wash your face twice daily.



 If your skin is too oily and you think that you don’t need moisturizer then you are wrong.Beacause all skin types need one every day.You can find a moisturizer,oil free so it won’t block your pores.



The sun can damage your skin in only 10 minutes.So you need a good sunscreen to protect your skin.Look for a sunscreen that gives protection with SPF of at least 30.Wear it everyday even if it’s cold.

Remove Makeup Before Bed 


 If you are wearing makeup then don’t go to bed without washing your face.Beacause makeup on your skin can clog your pores and cause acne.So wash it off with a soft cloth or cotton pad.



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