Lose 10 pounds in a week

Try this very simple and effective diet.


clear glass jar and citrus fruits
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Squeeze one fresh lemon into a glass of cold water.Drink it on an empty stomach.



Eat your breakfast, half an hour after you have drunk the glass of water.In your breakfast you can have fruits,because the best time to eat fruits is in the morning.You can take 2 oranges,a large grapefruit,2 apples or anything similar.You can also add handful of nuts to your breakfast.



photo by pexels

For lunch,you can get a slice of meat,chicken or fish.And add green veggies a side dish for your slice of chicken.


Few hours after lunch,It is time for snack.Make a fresh season salad,add olive oil and just a pinch of salt.



photo by pexels

The last meal of the day.Try to eat your dinner before 7 pm.In your dinner you can take 2 hard boiled eggs,cucumber salad.You can easily survive after 7 pm until you go to bed because your menu consists of proteins and healthy nutrients.


Prepare green tea,and drink it before bedtime.


Drink plenty of water.

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