Everyone want to live a long and happy life right?The key to a long healthy and happier life depends on your life style. 

LIFESTYLE: The way a person lives.

 Some healthy habits you should adopt into your life.

1.Start waking up earlier. 

2.Take a 30 minutes walk early in the morning. 

3.Clean your house frequently or regularly.                                                       

4.At work,don’t sit all day.                         

5.Take the stairs instead of elevators.

6.Spend some time in garden.

7.Have an evening walk with your family.

8.Your brain also need exercise,so play some brain games.

9.Listen to music.

10.Read books.

11.Forgive others.

12.Laugh more often.

13.Avoid people who make you stressed.

14.Adopt healthy eating habits.

15.Eat more whole food over processed foods.  

16.Add more fruits and seasonal vegetables in your food. 

17.Keep control over portion size.

18.Don’t skip any meal.  

19.Take an apple daily.

20.Avoid drinking soda. 

21.Quit smoking.

22.Drink plenty of water. 

23.Make a habit to take some direct sunlight.

24 .Go to bed early.

25.Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep.


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