Beauty Tips with Banana peel

We all know that bananas are full of nutrients,natural sugars and antioxidants.

Did you know that,the banana peel,which is thrown away could be very beneficial for beauty need?

Beauty tips with banana peels

Lighten acne scar

beautiful blue eyes close up dhyamis kleber
Photo by Dhyamis Kleber on

Yes, you have been suffering from acne,you can try out banana peel trick.Just need to rub thr inside part of the banana peel on the affected area.Repeat this twice a day.It will help in lighten acne scar.

Brighten complexion

woman in white crop top
Photo by panther sohi on

Banana peels is full of minerals and vitamins.Rubbing the entire face with banana peel help to restore the glow on your face and also give brighten complexion.

Say bye to pimples 

Put an end to your pimples.Just make sure that you message with banana peel everyday for 5-10 minutes and definitely you will see a great difference in frew weeks.

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