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Welcome to “You Beauty,” where we dive headfirst into the world of glam without a care for smudged eyeliner or chipped nail polish. Here, we believe every day is a good day to be fabulous, but let’s face it, sometimes it’s also just a good day to wear face masks and avoid human contact. Join us as we explore the latest beauty trends that promise to make you look like a goddess, even if you still can’t figure out contouring (seriously, is it just fancy face painting?). So grab your most over-the-top robe and let’s get beautified!

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A Practical Look at Beauty and Fashion

practical advice with a healthy dose of humor, all while keeping things respectfully fabulous. Here, we don’t just follow trends—we play with them, sometimes poke fun at them, and always make sure you can actually wear them without needing a celebrity stylist on speed dial. From tackling the myths of contouring to choosing the right boots for dodging puddles stylishly, our content is crafted for real people looking for real-world fashion and beauty solutions.

Expect to laugh, learn, and maybe even snort a little as we dive into topics ranging from “10 Ways to Style Your Old Band T-Shirts” to “Finding the Perfect Mascara—Cheaper Than a Latte!” At “You Beauty,” we believe everyone has the right to look and feel great, without taking it all too seriously. Join us as we explore the lighter side of looking good!

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Welcome to our blog, where fashion tips meet funny quips. Get ready to glam up and giggle, because who says style can’t come with a side of sass?

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Reading ‘You Beauty’ is like having coffee with my funniest friend. It’s my go-to for laughs and legit style tips – I’m a happy subscriber!


‘You Beauty’ is a breath of fresh air! It perfectly blends humor with handy beauty hacks. Can’t imagine my mornings without it!

Daniel Rome

Absolutely love ‘You Beauty’! Every post is a delightful mix of humor and practical advice. It’s seriously changed the way I approach fashion and beauty.

Joani G